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This is the actual google result I just typed in for TOW TRUCK on my cell phone.  Mobile search is where all of your calls will come from.  OK, look at that page, I am sure you have seen this 1000 times.  Did you know that the listings on tops are ADS?  These are paid listings and every time someone clicks or calls, that company is charged $3 TO $10.00.  Most people dont even care or know and just click on the first LISTING, having no idea that they just cost that company money.  Wrong number or they hang up or they close the page– YOU STILL PAY!!  Do you want to be that company? NO WAY!!

Depending on your area and circumstances PPC might be the way to go. If you are in a competitive market like I am in Houston, then you have no choice.  I will not sell you something you do not need. Most companies will want to use my LOCAL SEARCH plan that will generate FREE CALLS AND CLICKS.actual google listingOK, so you have looked at this result page. The name of my real company in Houston, Texas is called Newcastle Towing.  I show up first for Local search results and any calls or clicks are FREE!  Below is the rest of the listing page. After the local search is the image results and below those are called ORGANIC LISTINGS.  This is what you want for your website long term.  These will generate free calls for as long as Google is ranking your site.  If you are not on the 1st page of Google, then you probably wont get many calls for free.

The 1st listing was my very first towing website that I created for a friend when I was burned out in the towing business.  He now ranks #1 for almost any keyword and now he is my competition.  Once you get to the top it is very hard to be taken down.  I am #3 bellaire.towtruck.me in the listing and that is the best I can get it.  The more websites for a keyword, the harder it is to get to #1.
I will tell you the best plan for your business and only try to sell you the BEST option and NEVER what you do not need!  In case you are wondering, Bellaire is a small city in the middle of Houston between the Astrodome and the Galleria Mall.  Your location in your city can also help you or hurt you in the listings.  In my case I cover the largest portion of SW Houston so I get a lot of overlap.

goolge organic results