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Pay Per Click (PPC) — BE #1 ON GOOGLE

This is the FUN PAGE.
I tried to make it easy to understand, you can always call me to ask more.  Here is a link to more detailed info on PPC advertising.

We have all gotten those annoying calls saying – DO YOU WANT TO BE # 1 ON GOOGLE?  They call me non stop and usually I will play along to just waste their time.  They are in a call center trying to get leads for these huge PPC companies that have no clue about the towing business and Sanjay will tell you anything you want to hear to get you to signup.  What they never tell you is FOR ENOUGH MONEY ANYONE CAN BE # 1.  The price per click changes daily and it is an auction. Some days Company A wants to be #1 no matter what and so does Company B so the price goes way up, maybe $10.00 per click.  Other days the towing companies are busy and do not care about being 1st, but they just want to show up listed in the ADS section, so price is lower.  It also depends on the keyword (TOWING or TOW TRUCK SERVICE or FLATBED WRECKER) and Google is very smart and knows how to charge you more money for good keywords.

So are confused now?

If you are in a competitive market then PPC is for you.

If you are a new company or website is just online, PPC is for you.

If you are willing to ask each caller how they found you or setup a new phone # PPC is for you.

If you are willing to spend someone money, then PPC is for you.

Tracking the source of your calls is VERY IMPORTANT.  Most places will never tell you this because then you could fire them because you realized the LOCAL SEARCH program is working better.  I can help you setup the best way to do online advertising.  YOU JUST PAY ME FOR WHAT I DO!!

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