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Where you scammed by Yellowpages?


Let me guess, you got a cold call from Yellow Pages telling you how they can give you more calls?  I know at least 10 people who signed contracts and are still being hounded to pay up.  I had to explain to them how it was a scam and what a waste of money it was.  When they saw how much my phone rang, they finally started to believe me.

My whole GOAL is to provide a CHEAPER and HONEST approach to a confusing subject.  If you are reading this page then you are ready to hire me and GET what you pay for.  I will not ever try to sell you something you do not need.

Yellow Pages charged you 500.00 a month and you get 20 calls.  They spent 250.00 on PPC ads and kept the rest as profit.  You soon learned that the calls were worthless and you just felt ripped off.  Oh wait, but you got a video on youtube.  The same EXACT video everyone one else has.  But wait, there is more, like an infomercial.  You get a website.  A one page or maybe had contact and services pages that looks just like everyone else.  To me it is cookie cutter at very expensive prices.

I still get 10-20 calls a week from people telling me to update my Google listing or some other version of how they can HELP ME get on Google.  They are making big money so the calls will continue. I just block them and laugh.