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This is the CHEAPEST option for you.

This is for people that just need a website for whatever reason, usually a motor club wants you to have one and you really do not need anything fancy.

Here is how it works:

Depending on the name of your company you choose from these 2 domains.


I currently use these for my local business and there are cities and areas already created to show you the different options.

Here is an example.  A local Houston business called AAladin Wrecker Service.  They needed a website for the motor club they were dealing with and this is the fastest and easiest choice.  They chose the wreckerservice.info domain and this is their new website.     aaladin.wreckerservice.info   You send me the header image you want and the site is filled with basic info.  You are online in hours.

IF needed, though I do not recommend, you can have up to 5 email addresses that will forward to your personal email accounts.  I do not recommend because the email address could be to long and people wont understand what you are saying. 5 are free so just ask if you want to use these.



$9.99 a month
(Auto Billing on your Credit Card.  Cancel anytime.)
119.88 total for one year


79.00 a year
(Paid up front)

ADD $25.00 to be on both domains.

Using both will help you in search listings because some people will search tow truck and some search wrecker service.

What is included:

Your choice of one domain prefix.  I suggest your city or area or your company name.
Up to 5 email address forwarder.  info@YOURNAME.towtruck.me
Custom Header.  Send me the picture you want or use stock image.
Stock text and filler info. This info is designed for Google to find and rank this page for your area.

This is a basic one page website to give people a website to look at when they are searching for a towing provider.

If you want additional pages they are $15.00 each or 2 for 20.00 (one time fee)
Contact, Map, About Us, Services, or anything you can think of.

If you want your own domain name — www.YOUR-CHOICE.com then CLICK HERE to learn about that option.